Supporting the livelihood of our local farmers

Pepper farms are usually found at hillsides. The slopes allow natural water to flow from top to bottom, avoiding water catchment or ponding that will damage the root of the vines.

About us

Carus Pepper Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in December 2020 by a group of experienced industry players. We specialise in the grading purchasing, processing, development and marketing of Sarawak Pepper products.

A young company with big dreams, we strive to improve the livelihood of the pepper farmers through our close collaboration with the State Farmers’ Organisation.

Our tagline

Supporting the livelihood of our local farmers prepares us to be a better, stronger company. We are committed to serve the community and to grow the pepper industry into a more sustainable business.


We start by assisting smallholders and farmers by buying farm-level processed pepper at a higher price.

This will automatically kick-start their eagerness to plant more peppervines.

The idea of high- grade peppercorns fetching better prices will significantly motivate farmers to work efficiently, engage in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and also strive to produce greater output per vine, year by year.

Sustainability is what we want to promote for the long-term benefit of our pepper farmers.

Treasuring Sarawak’s very own valuable commodity is what we are proud of.

Work Process

The rich soil and nature around Betong, and its surrounding regions make the production of Creamy White Peppercorns possible.

Collection and purchasing of graded, farm-level processed peppercorns.

Physical inspection, moisture content and bulk density tests are carried out.

Storage before processing.

Collected peppercorns are stored in gunnysacks and placed on top of wooden pallets.

Dry and wet cleaning of peppercorns including metal separation, removal of dusts, sand & dirt and other volatile properties, sieving & sizing selection process.

A one-line semi-automated system that provides a complete cleaning process, producing high quality pepper products.

Drying of peppercorns with a heating chamber.

The right heat removes excess moisture in the peppercorns.

Cleaned, dry peppercorns are stored in silos.

Large storage systems to keep the processed peppercorns at a hygienic level with the highest quality standards.

Packed in various sizing for both black and white pepper, in whole, powder and cracked form.

Packed in various sizing for both black and white pepper,
in whole, powder and cracked form.

Packing and exports for local and international retail.

High quality packaging to meet the premium market demand.

Freshly hand-harvested pepper berries, ready to be sun-dried for 3-5 days.
This produces black peppercorns.

The Tomahawk steak uses an average of 30grams of cracked black pepper.

With good farm-level processing practices, hygiene is the key in producing good peppercorns.

Our Products

Creamy White Pepper Whole
Black Pepper Whole
White Pepper Whole
White Pepper Powder
White Pepper Whole
Black Pepper Whole
Black Pepper Cracked
Black Pepper Powder


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As a young company, we aim to get the best certification for the business. Ensuring our customers, and the industry a full confidence in our products.


Food Safety Certification by Ministry of Health, Malaysia


Halal Certification by JAKIM


Peppercorns collected from areas certified by GI Award


Peppercorns collected are graded and certified by MPB

Every batch of our pepper products are being vigorously lab tested to ensure it is safe for consumption.