Who We Are

There is a common thread that binds us all at Carus: Our Love for Sarawak – its land and its people.

The Carus Group is abuzz with progressive individuals born and bred in Sarawak. We are a vibrant ecosystem of different ethnicities, diverse professional expertise and from all walks of life.

Under the helm of highly-experienced industry players, we bring to the table a broad spectrum of capabilities to propel the sustainable development of Sarawak.

At Carus, we thrive on innovation, collaboration and inclusivity.

Together, we can transcend boundaries to meet the needs of Sarawak and its people, now and for generations to come.

“Our principal business is to deliver world-class integrated solutions and products to and from Sarawak; from agriculture, tourism and lifestyle, branding and marketing.”

What We Do

We break barriers in the competitive agriculture sector. With a broad agriculture portfolio, we deliver to the world, Sarawak’s finest produce. We access new markets for our network of farmers and generate stable income for the rural community.

We promote Sarawak’s tourism industry by bringing to our shores impactful events and curating unique homegrown events. We unite communities to enable them to showcase the best of Sarawak through creativity and creation.

Discover Carus Group

Cultivating a Caring Community


Transforming Sarawak’s agriculture portfolio to the next level.

Tourism & Lifestyle

Promoting Sarawak as the preferred business and leisure destination in South East Asia.


Digital platform that aims to assist with the collection and consolidation of data from the supply chain of the Sarawak Agro-Industry

Why Sarawak?