Carus Sport & Event

Carus Sport & Event is an event arrangement company that was formed on 26th of October 2017, by a group of individuals that are truly passionate about the health and fitness scene in Sarawak through curating these kinds of events in Sarawak. Our main goal here is to truly educate and promote the public on the importance of constant and daily fitness throughout the state. Through this shared aim among the group members, we have planned and organized multiple fitness events such as community workouts to bring together everyone of all ages and from all walks of life to come together and exercise and be fit with us.

Our approach

Our approach to doing our events is usually based around the community that we have built along the way. We communicate and we inquire what does the community need and we will follow through and get it done. We will hold our meetings with the association members, along with our fitness community and see what can be done.